Aleinu Roadmap

Navigating Aleinu 

When organizations join the Aleinu Campaign they become part of a national network of Jewish youth-serving organizations that are committed to strengthening their youth safeguarding efforts and learning from one another. Aleinu is designed to support individual organization as well as impact the collective community of Jewish youth-serving organizations.

The Aleinu Roadmap helps demonstrate how organizations can progress through the platform within a two-year period. Participants will have access to:

  • Individual log-ins and progress-tracking for all organization team members.
  • Webinars for each Best Practice. 
  • Monthly office hours where experts are available to offer support.
  • Individualized technical assistance.
  • A bank of sample resources.


Click here to download the Aleinu Roadmap


Roadside Assistance 

As your organization travels through the roadmap of the 10 Best Practices, there may be times that you would like more individualized assistance from Sacred Spaces. Participating in the Aleinu Campaign entitles organizations to one service (each year) from the menu of options.* 

Optional Roadside Assistance Available:

  • Cheshbon Hanefesh reflection support consult.
  • Virtual participation or facilitation of a committee meeting Review of materials disseminated to the community for engagement.
  • Assistance facilitating Jewish text study.
  • Participation in a community event or meeting (currently available only virtually).
  • Feedback and review of plan for screening those with access to youth.
  • Review of draft climate surveys or Child Safety Plan assessments. 
  • Review a select portion of your organization’s child safeguarding protocols.

* It is anticipated that these services will involve up to 2 hours of technical assistance. If an activity is projected to exceed that amount of time, hourly consulting rates may apply.