Best Practices

Dedicated to Change, Together.

Receive Access to Our Best Practices in Child Protection.

By joining the Aleinu campaign, your organization will receive access to our do-it-yourself toolkit containing resources for adopting and implementing Best Practices to safeguard the children in its care. Your youth-serving organization will join other organizations, all working to raise the standard of child safety protocols in our Jewish communal institutions. Aleinu is not a certificate or accreditation; rather, it is a roadmap for your organization to do this critical work. As your organization progresses through each of the steps, you can follow along on each of the Best Practice pages below to view the goals and specific resources involved in implementation. 

Additionally, before jumping in to any of the Best Practices, Aleinu provides a “Getting Started” step to prepare organizations for the work ahead and reflect on the current state of child safety in their community.

  • 1. Form a Child Safety Committee

  • 2. Create Opportunities for Community Dialogue

  • 3. Screen Employees and Volunteers

  • 4. Assess your Space

  • 5. Implement Guidelines for Interacting with Youth

  • 6. Train Adults

  • 7. Support Victim-Survivors

  • 8. Develop Protocols for Responding

  • 9. Empower Youth

  • 10. Maintain & Evaluate your Child Safety Program