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  • 1. Form a Child Safety Committee
  • 2. Create Opportunities for Community Dialogue
  • 3. Screen Employees and Volunteers
  • 4. Assess your Space
  • 5. Implement Guidelines for Interacting with Youth
  • 6. Train Adults
  • 7. Support Victim-Survivors
  • 8. Develop Protocols for Responding
  • 9. Empower Youth
  • 10. Maintain & Evaluate your Child Safety Program

Implement Guidelines for Interacting with Youth

הַגְבֵּל אֶת־הָהָר וְקִדַּשְׁתּוֹ

Set signs at boundaries around the mountain and sanctify it.(Exodus 19:23)

Why Implement Guidelines for Interacting with Youth?

Best Practice 5: Implement Guidelines for Interacting with Youth is designed to create clear organizational boundaries for all those who interact with children and teens. Just as the Jewish people demarcated the sacred space around Mount Sinai before receiving the Ten Commandments, so too, we invite your organization to establish intentional boundaries in adult-youth interactions to delineate the behaviors that are most appropriate within your sacred spaces. By completing this Best Practice, you will clarify which adult-youth interactions are acceptable and which are unacceptable within your organizational culture. You will gain an understanding of the risks introduced by a variety of interactions, decide where to draw the lines for your own community, and learn effective language for enforcing these protocols. This Best Practice will help you to differentiate between higher- and lower-risk interactions and identify the safeguards your community can enact in each situation.

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